Friday, August 16, 2013

Bitcasa to add support for Chromecast streaming

Bitcasa is touted as the service that offers “infinite storage” for your computer, phone or tablet and it looks like users will soon be able to use that storage to stream files to Chromecast. Users can get 10GB of free storage from Bitcasa or upgrade to that infinite storage level for $99 per year. While the pricing seems to be on the lower side, the low price of the Chromecast helped convince them of adding the support.

Keep in mind, Chromecast support hasn’t been added to the Android app just yet though. More to the point, there hasn’t even been a firm timeline given as to when the update will arrive. Instead the confirmation comes by way of Bitcasa Product Manager Luke Behnke who recently spoke with MobileBurn. Behnke talked about how they had been looking into ways to get into the TV market. Android commander.

Press update brings Fever support, offline image caching and more

The latest update for the Press app has arrived in the Play Store today. This brings the app to v1.4 and includes a decent sized list of changes and improvements. To begin with, this update has added Fever support and offline image caching. Fever is the fourth service included in Press and is said to be filling a previously uncovered gap. The other three include Feedly, Feedbin and Feed Wrangler.

Basically, Fever brings support for self-hosted RSS. It was also said to have been one of the top feature requests for Press. Given that we suspect more than a few will be happy with this latest update. Shifting to that next feature — offline image caching.

Users will be able to turn this one off and on by way of the settings and can also perform a manual one-time cache by long-pressing the sync icon. Other changes that have come along with this update include a “totally redesigned” Settings and a number of new preference options. Android apps

LG Nexus 5 tipped with Snapdragon 800, glass on the back

With the LG G2 and Moto X both officially here, it’s apparently time to start focusing on the upcoming Nexus 5 smartphone from Google. The rumors have already started flooding in, and right out of the gate we’re getting conflicting reports from all angles. Between a Motorola Nexus 5, to LG building it again with lower specs than the G2, now today we have one more to add to that list.

A new report has surfaced from the boys over at Tinhte, which is the same site and forum that gave us the absolute original leak and video of what is now the Moto X smartphone. So they have some people in high places, although we can’t confirm where this rumor stems from. They have some interesting details about the upcoming Nexus 5 by LG.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

[New App] Avast Releases Mobile Backup App, Throws In Big Mobile Security Update As A Bonus

Avast has been busy today. The company has released its new Mobile Backup app in Google Play, and it looks to have an okay feature set (it was previously in beta). The Mobile Security and Antivirus app also got a substantial update. Mobile Backup will grab your contacts, call log, images, videos, SMS, and more, then upload them to the cloud for safe keeping. VLC for Android apk download

[New Apps] Wolfram Alpha Adds 13 New Science And Math Apps To Play Store Including Astronomy, Multivariable Calculus, Statistics, And More

Today is a day to be joyful for science-minded Android users. Wolfram Alpha has just released a ton of new science and math calculation apps in Google Play. They run the gamut from basic fractions and pre-algebra all the way up to materials science and astronomy. Wolfram Alpha previously released similar calculus and algebra course assistants.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Moto X will sell in the Google Play Store, but won’t be a “Google Play edition” phone

When Motorola originally announced that the Moto X would be sold on Google Play as well as at major carriers, folks assumed this meant that the Moto X would be a “Google Play edition” device. That is, it would be a device with completely stock Android that would get updates almost as soon as Nexus devices. That doesn’t seem to be the case according to Leo Laporte from TWIT.

According to him, Guy Kawasaki had no problems confirming that the Moto X that would be sold in the Google Play Store would not be the typical “Google Play edition” phones we’ve seen to date. Those phones include the HTC One and Samsung’s Galaxy S4. Instead, it will be the same device that all carriers are getting when it’s slated to launch later this summer.

This might ordinarily be a deal-breaker for some of you, but let’s not forget two things:

  1. Motorola’s new UI customizations are quite light compared to other phones. If you didn’t know any better you might mistake it for completely stock Android at first glance. And since Motorola is now “a Google company” we imagine they won’t want to drag their feet on any updates for the device in the future.
  2. Motorola is still rumored to be coming out with a Nexus device of their own at some point down the line. This would seem to negate the need for a Google Play edition of the Moto X, if true.

We can’t say we’re entirely heartbroken to hear that the Moto X won’t be considered a GPe device when considering the factors listed above. It’ll still be a great device, and from what we’ve seen with our time with it (be on the lookout for our review soon) it’ll be every bit as good as the GPe devices already sitting in the Play Store. budget android phone