Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Download Fast and Furious 6 game for Android

Step into the world of Fast & Furious 6. Earn cash and the respect of the “Fastest” drivers as you drift and drag through the London street scene. Join the Fast & Furious crew as they prepare to take on a series of jobs in an all new heist mode. Fast & Furious 6: The Game takes the mobile racing genre to greater heights with stunning graphics, new game modes, addictive challenges and intense full-throttle missions that dare you to exceed all limits.
Take down an organization of lethally skilled mercenary drivers to earn respect as you drift and drag through the streets of London.
Collect, customize and upgrade a slew of high end licensed vehicles that range from the classic 1970 Dodge Charger to the super cars of today - all featuring stunning graphics.
Earn big cash and unlock the next tier upgrades in heists with the Fast & Furious 6 crew
Jump into tournaments or join a crew and take on the world by dominating the global leaderboards

Diner Dash for Android Download

Smartphone users now have a bewildering choice of games available for their devices with some more famous than others, and now we can tell you that Diner Dash for Android speeds onto the Google Play Store.

The popular game has been available for a few years now on various platforms but now Android users can experience the title following its recent release to the platform. For those of you that may have never heard of the game it centres on the main character called Flo, who is a young restaurant owner that is trying to expand her business.

Players have to help Flo manage the experience that customers enjoy in her restaurant by getting them to a table, taking orders, serving them, and then clearing away after them. You have to make sure you organize your tasks though as you need to avoid keeping customers waiting in this highly addictive game as you try and earn as many tips as possible.

You will be serving a variety of customers from business women through to those pesky vampires, as you explore colourful themed restaurants. Exclusive additional restaurants can be unlocked and if you are unsure whether the game is for you there is a free version available.

If the full version is more your thing this is currently being offered with a 50% discount to celebrate the games launch and is priced at £0.65/$0.99 via Google Play.

Are you a fan of Diner Dash?

Diner Dash for Android Download

Top Free Android Apps for Photo Editing

One of our favourites, Little Photo is mostly a photo filtering app with a few basic features like adding frames and rotating pictures. You can adjust the intensity of these filters to suit your taste. It is much easier to use than PicSay but has a few advanced features like multi exposure, burn spot, and body glow. - Photo Editing app

Little Photo: Add film and retouch effects to your photos.This is free.
New effects will be added in updates.
Over 70 effects and tools.
Developed by someone who love photography very much :)
Try and stack different effects to create your style!
Enjoy !
* Photos save at your SD card
/mnt/sdcard/Little Photo *
Little Photo contains about 95% free functions. If you want to unlock ALL functions, please buy "Little Photo Plug-in"
( brightness, contrast, exposure, skin smoothing, front camera, etc)
On the other hand, if you want to process large photo (eg: from DSLR, around 3-4 MB each), you may consider "Little Film" , another professional app.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Download Vtok - Google Video Chat for Android

★ Google Video Chat on your Android phone ★
Make free video and voice calls to all your Google contacts when they use Google Video and Voice Chat™ on their Macs and PCs or when they use Vtok on their mobile devices.
★ Supported devices ★
This is an initial beta release of the app with limited device support. Front facing cameras on the following devices are supported:
HTC Evo 4G
Google Nexus S
Google Nexus One
All devices using Android OS 2.3.x or later.

★ Features ★
✓ Video and voice calls to Google Video and Voice Chat™ users and other Vtok mobile users.
✓ No account to sign-up. Just login with your Google/gmail account and start talking
✓ Works over Wi-Fi and 3G
✓ Devices supported are Android devices running OS version 2.1 or later.
✓ Cross platform app. You can also call Vtok users on iPhone4, iPhone 3GS and the 4th generation iPod Touch.
✓ Choose whether or not to use video in a call. You can also enable or disable video during a call
✓ Choose between front and back camera on your device
✓ Stay connected and receive calls, even when the app is closed and moved to the background
★ Call your friends on a Mac or a PC ★
Vtok users can call users of Google Video and Voice Chat users on a Mac or a PC. All they have to do is install a browser plugin from:
★ Please note ★
Vtok is an application that interoperates with Google Video and Voice Chat™ but is not endorsed by Google.

Kingdom Rush for Android APK Download

Kingdom Rush, one of the most popular tower defence games on the iPad has come over to Android. I’ve covered Kingdom Rush before on the site and went as far to say it was the best tower defence game I’d ever played on the iPad. The graphics, the levels and overall quality of the game is amazing.
It’s great to see the game come over to Android. I highly recommend it to anyone who is into tower defence type games, you won’t regret it.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Download Carmageddon for Android

Yesterday I uploaded a preview of Carmageddon on the iPad so today I wanted to upload an Android version as well. I think the Android version controls handle much better. It seems I don't have the same problem turning on Android as I did on iOS.

You can check out my iPad preview HERE.

Download Carmageddon for Android on the Play Store:
$1.99 for the Paid Version.
Free Version.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Download Now Playing for Android

Happen to be one of the people hoping to see a Google Music app redesign sometime in the future? Well, you are not alone. While we wait on Google to breathe some fresh air into their app’s design, there are developers out there that are making their own works of music app art, such as this one called, Now Playing.

Now Playing is still in beta and doesn’t have access to your Google Music library, but if you do have music on your device already, it’s a great 3rd party player. Its design is minimal and simplistic, with small outlines bordering each artist and song title. What the app does quite well is bring attention to each album cover and even song lyrics. And if you don’t have an album cover for a particular album, don’t worry, it auto downloads them from the web via WiFi.

If you want to try out the Now Playing Beta, you can download it via the link below. To install, simply sideload it as you would any other application.

Download Now Playing for Android

Download Dark Avenger for Android

Dark Avengers Hack 2013 [ANDROID][IOS]

Experience the thrill and excitement of the best dungeon crawler game, now you can have lots of gems and gold with the use of Dark Avenger Cheat and Hack for iOS and Android, no more jail breaking or difficult codes to understand, just download, set and ready to generate unlimited dark avenger gems and gold plus activate instant skill cool down which means you can use your skills without limit, also best weapons and armors will be available to you in the shop, unlock it and equip it to your character, this is the best and free dark avenger hack download you will ever get.

Download Dark Avenger for Android

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Download Windows 8 Theme or Android

Checkout the official Windows 8 Launcher Theme, this features a HUGE set of metro style Windows 8 icons. There is around 400 ICONS, There is 18 HD Wallpaper (1920x1200) and Custom Apex Icons and Drawables. You wont have to worry if there is app that custom have a custom icon, There also even 18 Icon Backgrounds to make ALL your icons have the new Windows 8 Metro Style.

Compatible Launcher Themes

  • Apex Launcher
  • Nova Launcher
  • ADW Launcher
  • ADWEX Launcher

Applying Themes Using Launcher

  1. Open Launcher
  2. Select which Apply Button, Based on what launcher you like
  3. Follow the dialog instructions

Apply Using Apex Launcher

  1. Download and install Apex Launcher
  2. Hit Menu from home and click "Theme Settings"
  3. Click "Look And Feel"
  4. Click "Icon Theme"
  5. Choose "Windows 8 Theme"
  6. Press OK

Apply Using Nova Launcher

  • Please Use Launcher to Apply Theme

Apply Using ADW or ADWLauncher EX

  • Hit Menu from either launchers home screen
  • Choose "ADW/EX Settings"
  • Locate theme and click "Apply"

What's in this version : (Updated : Dec 28, 2012)

  • Fixed issue's with manual icon selection 
  • Theme applies successfully from launcher icon or manually Downsized icons to help devices load all the icons

Download Windows 8 Themes for Android